Sunday, July 21, 2013

How to Download video from YouTube to your mobile phone?

People all over the world can discover unique and addictive content on video mega-site YouTube.But YouTube's content isn't just for Internet users--those with Web-enabled cell phones can also experience everything this site has to offer.Most mobile phones now have the ability to play mp4 audio files. In this tutorial you will learn how to download music video  from YouTube program and how to put them on your mobile phone.
Instructions Set Up Your YouTube Mobile Profile

1.Go the YouTube home page (see the Resources section below).
2.Create an account if you don't already have one by clicking 'Sign Up,' or log in to your existing account.
3.Click the 'My Account' link.
4.Find the 'Account Settings' heading and click 'Mobile Upload Profiles.' 5.Select the 'Create Mobile Profile' button and enter all the required information.
6.Click the 'Create Profile' button. You can now download YouTube videos onto your cell phone.

Download YouTube Videos onto Your Cell Phone

7.Load the YouTube home page on your Web-enabled cell phone.
8.Click "Log In"and enter your username and password.
9.Browse through the available videos to find content that interests you.You can  search for recent videos to see the latest offerings from YouTube viewers or search through categories to find specific types of content.
10.Click on any individual video to download. You'll need your mobile account information if you wish to upload content.
11.Use the controls within the video player to stop and start the content. Enjoy!

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